Test # Prepositions

He's interested ________ history

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  • Healthy Shoulder

    Include more horizontal pulling movements in your training

    If you have a history of shoulders troubles or if you are someone who sits at a desk or computer all day then, try adding 3 times as much horizontal pulling or rowing movements (things like seated rows, band rows, cable rows) into your training program than horizontal pressing movements (bench pressing etc.)Having hunched over shoulders often causes a strength imbalance around the shoulder girdle. When you are sitting in that position most of the day, the muscles involved in pushing movements (the chest and front shoulders) generally become significantly stronger than the pulling shoulders (the middle back muscles and the rear shoulder muscles). The imbalance can cause the joint alignment to be compromised and thats when shoulder troubles tend to start. Adding more horizontal rowing work in your training will help counterbalance this, improve your posture, and make your shoulders so much healthier.Apart from adding pulling movements into my strength training routine, another way I make sure to get I enough pulling movements in each week is by including a lot of pulling mobility drills on my active recovery days.

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