Test # Prepositions after Adjectives

She was very good ________ us.

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    Gangotri in the Indian Himalayas

    Situated at a staggering altitude of 3142 meters or over 10000 feet above sea level, folded in the wraps of the splendid hills of Garhwal Himalayas in India is situated one of the most significant temples of Hinduism Gangotri.What makes it so special, you ask.It the location.Seated at the source of the River Ganga, which is considered a living Goddess for the Hindus all round the world, for a believer, Gangotri makes for a dream, the ideal pilgrimage destination.The place, complete with its aura of spiritual tranquility, is magical Really! Here time stands still very still! It throws you off in a trance.Even if you do not have the luxury of faith, the town still does not disappoint you with craggy mountains, deep gorges, snow capped Himalayan peaks and the River Ganges flowing in a melody leaves you mesmerized.

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