Test # Prepositions after Adjectives

I came near ________ hitting them.

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  • Precaution while using Microscope


    Microscope design has not necessarily been a problem for short term use, long term sessions have in the past created problems for scientists and technicians who used the instruments. In order to view specimens and record data, microscope operators must assume an unusual and challenging position, with little possibility to move the head or the body, and may be unable to assume the correct posture necessary to avoid incurring injuries . They are often forced to assume an awkward posture with their head bent over the eye tubes, the upper part of the body bent forward, the hand reaching high up for a focusing control, and the wrists bent in an unnatural position. Poor posture and awkward positioning are the primary risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that can affect full time microscopists, who will often experience pain or injury to the neck, wrists, back, shoulders, and arms.

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