Test # Present Perfect

I have ever tried it.

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    Cornelius Bundrage

    IBF Junior Middleweight Titleholder 30 4 (18) Last Year s Ranking: Unranked Status Report: Laugh all you want, but this fact remains: We put Cory Spinks at 48 last year. And in August, K9, if you can stand it, blew him out of the ring (KO 5). We don t like it any better than you do, but maybe we all should just accept that with his innate strength, drive, awkwardness and Emanuel Steward in his corner, maybe Bundrage can fight a bit. We ll bet Spinks thinks so. Future: Nothing scheduled, but there s no reason Bundrage can t get in on some of the good business getting done among the Top 10 guys at 154. We don t think he beats any of those guys, but hey, we underestimate this guy at our peril.

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