Test # Present Simple

It _________ me a lot at the moment.

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  • Mango Varieties


    Dot is a virtually fiberless cultivar of excellent eating quality. The flesh is firm, juicy, and aromatic. The skin is an attractive bright yellow with a faint pink blush. The fruit ripens June to July. A Dot mango is a mango cultivar that It was developed in South Florida. The cultivar has limited to no commercial plantings but is sold as nursery stock as a dooryard tree in Florida. Dot was originally developed by nurseryman Lawrence Zill of Boynton Beach, Florida, and was named after his wife Dorothy. It was reportedly a seedling of the Carrie mango, however pedigree analysis indicates it was a seedling of the Zill mango. Dot was propagated for several years by the Zill nursery but fell out of favor due to disease susceptibility and lack of ideal color. However, Frank Smathers of Miami, Florida received several cuttings of the Dot and took up propagating the tree, finding the eating quality of the fruit to be very high. The fruit began to be promoted as a popular dooryard cultivar beginning in 1992.

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