Test # Silent Letters

Which letter is silent?- Chemistry

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  • Rules to play Soccer

    Drop balls and kick offs

    A game is started by taking a kickoff, this is done by placing the ball in the center of the ground, and kicking it forward. kickoffs are also used to restart play after a goal is scored or to begin play after half time.The team that begins with the kickoff is determined with a coin toss before the game, the winner has the choice to kick off or change the direction each team is playing (also know as direction team is running).

    a goal can not be scored by the first kick after a kickoff, this is deemed direct from kickoff and will be disallowed. A drop ball is the second method of restarting of the game and is done if the game is to be stopped while the ball is in play, for a reason other than an infraction, for example an injury.

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