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Which is correct?

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  • Essential Photography Tips

    Do a hard edit

    Always, always, always edit down. This is the mistake I used to make. Iandd shoot like a bat outa hell, determined to get at least a handful of great shots from each sitting, then Iandd deliver nearly all the images to my client on a disk. Thus the hideoderous image framed on my friendands wall. The image was poorly lit, poorly composed and just plain YUCK. Itands an image that never should have seen the world beyond my computer.
    Remember that once those images have been delivered, theyandre out there. 10 years from now, when youandre the best photographer the world has ever known, those images may still be gracing peopleands walls.a very poor representation of your work and perhaps a hindrance to gaining future clients.
    Maintain control over your portfolio by remembering that it extends beyond just what you compile in a portfolio album, blog or website.

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