Test # although/though/despite/howeve

She went out ________ the fact that it was raining.

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    The coin toss

    A representative of a team must be present at the correct time and place for the coin toss. Team Penalty Delay of Game.
    They are required to fill in a line up sheet showing players names, their numbers and the coaches escorts who will be on the bench.
    They must also list non participants who are going to be on the bench and who must wear an identifying jersey provided by the organising committee.
    The coin toss will be conducted by an official.
    The winner of the coin toss will have the choice of throwing or defending the ball first, or may choose which end of the court they would like to start play. The remaining choice will be decided by the other team.
    At the end of any first half, the teams will change ends and benches. The first throw of the second half will be thrown by the team that defended the first throw at the start of the game.

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