Test # and/but

It's an old black ________ white film.

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  • Daily Health Tips

    Comprehensive Therapies for Headache

    The best remedy to prevent headaches is to build up physical resistance through proper nutrition, exercise and constructive thinking. As a first step, the patient should undertake a short fast. During the fast, citrus fruit juices, diluted with water may be taken six times daily. By taking the load of digestion, the patient will at once save nervous energy which can be utilised for more important purposes. The blood and lymph will also be relieved of a great burden. After a short fast, the diet should be fixed in such a way as to put the least possible strain on the digestion. The menu should be as follows:
  • Breakfast should consist of fruits, both fresh and dried.
  • Lunch should consist largely of protein foods.
  • Starchy foods such as whole wheat bread, cereals, rice or potatoes should be taken at dinner along with raw salads.
  • Spices, tomatoes, sour buttermilk and oily foodstuffs should be avoided.
  • Drinking a glass of water (warm water in winter and cool water in summer) mixed with a teaspoonful of honey the first thing in the morning, is also a good remedy.

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