Test # arrive/get/reach

I rang several times, but couldn't get ________

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    Ministers Treehouse

    The worlds largest treehouse sits in the small town of Crossville, Tenn., and took 14 years and 258,000 nails for minister Horace Burgess to build. Burgess began working on the structure in 1993 when he had a vision in which God spoke to him and said, If you build me a treehouse, Ill see you never run out of material. Today, the 10-story treehouse is supported by six trees, rises 97 feet into the sky and is constructed completely of salvaged materials. Its estimated to be about 12,000 square feet and houses a sanctuary and a basketball court. The top deck is situated 20 feet above the tops of the trees, where visitors can see Burgess flower garden that spells out J-E-S-U-S. The whole message of the thing is if you come to see the site and climb to the top, youll see Jesus in the garden, and the preacher didnt have to say a word, Burgess says.

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