Test # as/like

His ringtone sounded ________ an alarm.

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    Jaguar XF

    6 Jan, 2014: Jaguar has introduced a new variant in its sedan Jaguar XF petrol lineup with a 2.0 litre mill. The new variant comprises of a 4 cylinder turbo engine that has the capability to churn out a maximum power output of 237bhp and a peak torque of 340Nm. It is coupled with an eight speed ZF self shifting transmission. This same engine also powers the three door Land Rover Range Rover Evoque petrol variant. Jaguar has priced it at Rs. 48.30 Lakhs (Ex. Showroom, Mumbai), thus making it more costlier than the existing 2.2 litre diesel engine based variant, which generates 190bhp of maximum power output.

    Jaguar XF was launched in 2008 and received a positive response from the richies in India. As it completes nearly three years in the market, the company has given a make over to the saloon and brought out a facelifted Jaguar XF. All the changes in the new Jaguar XF are merely cosmetic with the exteriors and interiors tweaked. The Jaguar cars are regarded as bold and beautiful and the new XF series has got all the attributes installed. The car not only comes fitted with luxurious interior features but also with super cool innovative technologies. Jaguar unveiled the revised version of the XF at the 2011 New York Auto Show earlier this year. This updated and upgraded car went on sale around the world in the middle of this year, and considering that Tata now owns the JLR brands, this new XF will surely adorn some wealthy garages in India. Jaguar is filling a lot of action in the Indian luxury car market and knows it can

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