Test # been/gone

Things are different now- those days have long ________

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    Zim Zolciaks Baracci Gown

    Former Real Housewife of Atlanta, Zim Zolciak married Atlanta Falcon Kroy Bierman, in 2011, wearing a very expensive gown from Beverly Hills fashion house Baracci. This silver Duchess Satin dress reportedly weighed 32 pounds, and was embellished with lace, pearls, beads and Swarovski crystals. What a lot of people don t know is that the dress was actually not new. Kim purchased the gown from PreownedWeddingDresses.com, but at $58,000 it wasn t exactly a bargain. So why did Zolciak buy secondhand? She was married a month after she was engaged and didn t have time to get a new one.

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