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Losing the contract was the ________ of the end of his career.

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    Microscope eyepieces

    The diopter adjustment provided on most microscope eyepieces can be used to compensate for minor focus problems, but microscopists who have moderate to severe astigmatism should wear glasses when viewing specimens through the eyepieces. In order to accommodate the longer eye point necessary for observation with eyeglasses, manufacturers offer specialized high eye point eyepieces. Users who do not wear eyeglasses should also keep this distance to permit the entire light from the microscope to find its way to the iris of the eye (Figure 2). If you slowly move your head back and forth in front of the eyepieces, you will soon find the optimum, relaxed posture that will allow you to see the entire circle of the field of view. If you do not wear glasses, the optional rubber cups on the eyepieces will be useful to you. They not only protect the eye from ambient light, but also help to keep the correct distance between the eye and the eyepiece.

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