Test # by/until

I'll have it ready ________ four o'clock at the latest.

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  • Tips For Men To Look Younger

    Improve the Way You Dress

    Dressing sharp and fashionably can take years off of your look. Don t try to dress like your teenage son, lest you end up looking like Billy Bob Thronton or something horrible. But do pay attention to the quality and fit of everything you put on.Some quick tips:
    1) Get a great pair of fashionable shoes. Go to Nordstrom. They will help you. 2) Invest in a pair of welldesigned, straightleg jeans that fit. (No light denim or acid wash, please.) 3)In general, avoid printed shirts (Hawaiian and the like) or shortsleeved, buttonup shirts 4) Go to a tailor if you can afford it and get your suit, slacks, shirts, etc. fit to your body. 5) Pick up designer basics that are made of a good material and look nice on you. Rotate. 6) Wear dark socks, usually. And definitely if you are wearing dress shoes.

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