Test # close/shut

They were lucky- the decision was very ________

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  • Myth about Allergies

    Carpet is a sink for allergy causing substances

    Carpet holds allergen causing substances tightly and, as a result, keeps allergens from becoming airborne, minimizing the level of allergens in the breathing zone. This translates to lower exposure potential. The allergens held by carpet s filter like effect may be removed by vacuuming, refreshing the filter like properties of the carpet to allow more material to be removed from the air. Vacuuming mattresses, carpet, and upholstery once or twice a week removed allergens, including dust mite feces a known source of allergen. It is important to use the proper type of vacuum to minimize re suspending allergens.The effect of routine vacuuming cleaning that indicate frequent vacuum cleaning over a short time significantly reduces house dust and mite allergen levels in carpets.

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