Test # don\'t/doesn\'t

My sister's friend ________ an invitation yet.

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    Consumption Tips

    Choose smaller sized okra over the big ones. The feel should be crisp and firm to be sure they are tender and not overly fibrous. Avoid those which color does not look fresh and are soft. As with most vegetables, okra may be subject to insecticide/pesticides. Buy organic if possible. If not, soak okra in water with apple cider vinegar and seasalt for about 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Cut off the tops and cut okra into smaller pieces of 2 3 inches if desired. Lightly blanch, steam or quickly stir fry to reduce the mucilage and the green taste. It can be added into your salad, or dipped into your home made chilli sauce, or eat it just on its own.

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