Test # each/every

________ to his or her own.

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  • New Hairstyles For Girls


    If you have long hair, side bangs are a great way to break up the length and add a little something around your face.
    How To Style Using a paddle brush or a round brush (for more bounce and volume, use a round brush), dry your bangs. If needed, smooth them over with a flat iron.
    Use a flat iron to smooth out the rest of your hair to achieve the look shown in this photo.
    Apply a shine serum to your hair from mid shaft to ends to create shine and smooth out any frizz.
    Best Face Shape and Hair Type Thick hair will look the fullest when smoothed out and flat ironed, however fine or medium textured hair will also work well for this style. The style will thin out a round face and the side bangs can even out any uneven features.
    Recommended Products A heat protectant spray or serum is an absolute must when you are using heat tools on your hair. I love Damage Manager by Kevin Murphy. It smells great and it is so light that it

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