Test # except/except for

The weather was awful ________ in the south.

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    Baylor University Waco Texas

    Chartered in 1845, the Southern Baptist affiliated Baylor University holds the honor of being the oldest continuously functioning school in the state of Texas. Its 1,000 acre campus in Waco where the institution moved in 1885 is situated on the Brazos River and displays plenty of natural beauty thanks to the green areas and trees spread throughout. Two of the campus most notable buildings are architecturally stunning: the Italian Renaissance style Armstrong Browning Library, which features the most sizable collection of works by poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning; and Old Main, which was designed using a mix of American Victorian and Italianate Villa styles by architect William Lamour and was completed in 1887. Built in 1938 in the American Georgian mode to the blueprint of local architect Birch D. Easterwood, the structure now known as Pat Neff Hall is another of the university s landmarks.

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