Test # for/to/so/that

Shall we have a break ________ lunch?

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    Lasith Malinga

    Lasith Malinga is a Sri Lankan cricketer. He is a specialist fast bowler with a rare round-arm action, sometimes referred to as a sling action, which leads to his nickname, ?Slinga Malinga?. He is specialist of ?swinging yorker?. He is well known for his ability to take consecutive wickets: he is the first and only bowler in the world to have two World Cup hat-tricks, the first and only bowler to have taken three hat-tricks in ODIs and he is also the first, and currently the only, player to have taken four wickets in four consecutive balls in any form of international cricket. He is reputed for troubling batsmen with his lively pace and well-directed bouncer. He regularly bowls at speeds between 140 and 150 km/h (87 to 93 mph) and sometimes slightly faster.

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