Test # good/well

That was a ________ lesson.

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    Tossing the Weight for Height

    Standard Weight: Men Women Master 56 lbs. 28 lbs. 42 lbs. or 56 lbs. The weight will be thrown with one hand only. The weight shall be made of metal but can be of various shapes and sizes including spherical, bullet or box shaped. The handle can either be attached directly to the weight or attached with a length chain. The handle may also be of various shapes and thickness such as a ring, triangle or a D shape. The total weight of each implement shall be 28 lb., 42 lbs. and 56 lbs. The women shall throw a 28 lb. weight and the men shall throw a 56 lb. weight. If there is a masters class they may throw a 42 lb. weight instead of a 56 lb. weight. The implement shall not measure more than 18 in overall length but a weight shorter than this is normally used when thrown for height to avoid hitting the ground when swung between the legs. Any throwing style may be used as long as the rules are followed and the style is deemed safe by the judge.

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