Test # good/well

That coat looks ________ on you.

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    Hydrargyrum chloratum syn. Mercurius dulcis
    Mercurous chloride, calomel.

    Key Uses:
  • Agitation
  • Apprehension
  • Catarrhal inflammation in the ears and eustachian tube, leading to deafness and glue ear
  • Restlessness

    Origin : Chemically prepared, although it occurs naturally in Germany, the former Yugoslavia, Mexico, and Texas.

    Background : This compound was used medicinally from the 16th century as a cathartic, but has since fallen out of favor due to its toxicity.

    Preparation : Mercurous chloride is mixed with lactose sugar and triturated.

    Remedy Profile : Apprehension, restlessness, and agitation are common in those for whom Merc. dulc. is most suitable.
    Key symptoms associated with the remedy include catarrhal inflammation in the ears and eustachian tubes, leading to deafness and glue ear. The condition is predominant in children, and Merc. dulc. is particularly appropriate for those who appear pale and ill-nourished.

    Symptoms Better : For cold drinks.

    Symptoms Worse : For acidic foods and drinks.

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