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Which is the correct spelling?

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  • Hanuman


    After Shri Ram and Vanar Sena had crossed the ocean and reached the other shore of Lanka a ruthless battle started between Shri Ram and Ravan and in this battle Ravan had lost his brave sons. He was still not ready to accept his defeat nor was he ready to return Mother Sita. At this time Meghnath came forward to seek his blessings and revenge his brothers killings. Ravan without any hesitation granted permission to Meghnath as he knew that Meghnath was an expert in all kind of war games and he will be successful. Hearing Meghnath coming for battle Ram asked Lakshman to fight him and asked Hanuman to accompany him to the battlefield.

    Lakshman and Meghnath were involved in deadly fight. Both of them were equally powerful and skilled. Sensing that he cannot win in a fair game Meghnath tried to defeat Lakshman by using magic tricks. But Lakshman was not hear to play child games; in an attack he destroyed Meghnaths chariot and killed his chariot driver. This made Meghnath very furious and out of frustration and anger he used his supreme weapon SHAKTI on Lakshman. Lakshman knew that no one can avert the impact of this powerful weapon so he stood there with folded hands reciting the name of Shri Ram. The Shakti hit Lakshman in his heart and he fell to the ground. Meghnath rushed towards Lakshman so that he could carry his body to Lanka. But to his surprise he Sheshnaag as Lakshmancouldnt lift Lakshmans body. Though he was equal in strength to Lakshman still he couldnt move his body a inch. No one knew that Lakshman in fact was a form of ANANT SHESHNAAG*, only those who are close to Shri Ram can lift up Lakshman.
    Sheshnaag is a serpent god. The coiled body of Sheshnaag forms the throne on which Lord Vishnu is reclining. Sheshnaag descended to earth and took the avatar of Lakshman, Shri Rams brother.
    Seeing everyone coming running towards Lakshman, Meghnath flee the battle grounds. Wounded Lakshman lay unconscious on the ground, almost dead. His breathing had stopped, everyone was terrified to see this. But Hanuman was certain that nothing will happen to Lakshman as he is Shri Rams brother. He carried him in his arms and rushed towards Ram and narrated him the whole story. Shri Ram knew what had happened and was grief stricken to see his brother like that. Just then Vibhisan came forward and asked Hanuman to go to Lanka and get the Rajvaidya (physician )named Sushena. Hanuman assumed a tiny form and left for Lanka. Thinking that Rajvaidya may refuse to come along with him, he lifted his whole house and carried him to Shri Ram.

    Finding himself close to Shri Lakshman woundedRam he bowed before him and examined Lakshman and said, Oh supreme lord, the impact of this weapon SHAKTI leads everyone to death. I am amazed to see Lakshman still breathing faintly. To save his life someone has to go to Dronagiri mountains in the Himalayas and fetch the Sanjivani Booti( a life restoring herb) which would be glowing brightly. But this task should be down before the dawn or we will not be able to revive Lakshman. Please arrange to bring the medicine without delay.

    Shri ram then asked Hanuman to help him as he can fly to that mountain and come back fast before dawn. Hanuman after seeking his blessings left on his mission. Meanwhile when Ravan heard about Hanuman heading towards Dronagiri parvat he ask Kalnemi a rakshas to help him stop Hanuman from reaching there on time.At first Kalnemi was reluctant because he knew Hanuman was a from of Shiva but then he thought instead of being killed by Ravan why not I get killed from the hands of Hanuman. He agreed and soon disguised himeself as sage and started chanting the name of Shri Ram.

    When Hanuman heard Shri Rams name he comes and meet him. Kalnemi welcomes him and ask him about the war between Shri Ram and Ravan. He further says that with my divine powers I am watching everything from here and I am sure Shri Ram will win over the evil. Hanuman was very happy to hear this and asked if he could get some water to drink. The disguised Kalnemi offered him water in a small vessel. That couldnt quench Hanumans thirst and he asked for some more. Kalnemi asked him to go to the nearby lake and drink as much he desires. The moment Hanuman stepped into the lake a crocodile caught hold of his foot. Wasting no time Hanuman hit that crocodile so hard that soon it died.

    But before leaving she turned into a beautiful lady and said, Oh Hanuman, the sage you met inside is a rakshas Kalnemi and I am his wife. Because of a Rishi Durvasas curse* we are born as rakshas but today I am free form that curse. May you succeed in your task. Saying that she disappeared. Wondering why havent he heard any noises from outside, he stepped out of his hut but Hanuman was waiting for him, he caught hold of Kalnemi and killed him right on spot.

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