Test # if/unless

________ he gets caught, he'll go to jail.

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  • Rules to play Roller Skating


    A player may block an opponent with any part of his or her body with the following exceptions

    It is illegal to use any part of the arm below the elbow.
    It is illegal for a skater to block with his or her feet or trip an opponent.
    In using arms for blocking purposes, the arm must be bent not fully extended.
    It is illegal to block from the rear.
    Elbows may be used in blocking but not in the following manner

    A skater is not permitted to use an elbow block above the shoulders.
    A skater is not permitted to use an elbow with an upward or downward motion.
    In setting up a double block, it is illegal for the defensive skaters to grip hands or lock arms. Both blockers may receive the penalty at the discretion of the referee.
    Other forms of illegal blocking may be called at the discretion of the referee.
    No defensive skater will be permitted to drop back more than a distance of 20 feet behind the pack to block a jammer. A oneminute penalty may be called by the official.All skating must be in a counterclockwise direction.

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