Test # if/unless

________ we get the cheque today, we must bank it.

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    Facebook Mobile

    Facebook created a mobile app to supplement your desktop browsing. The app presents a scaled down News Feed and simplified Timeline, but still offers a surprising amount of features. You can chat, use Facebook apps, add photos, view activity by list and, of course, post status updates.

    The major distinguishing feature of Facebook mobile is the check in. While you still have the capability to check in via desktop, mobile users use Facebook s location feature far more frequently, for obvious reasons. Visiting your favorite restaurant or taking your kids to a theme park? Let everyone know your whereabouts, and even tag friends who are with you.

    This guide really just scratches the surface of Facebooks core features and culture. Theres a lot more to explore, but this primer should get any Facebook newbie up to speed.

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