Test # if/unless

________ you stop making that noise, I'll call the police.

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    Eclectic Style Living Room

    If you are wondering what Eclectic Style is all about, then worry no more. A blend of East and West, old and new, grandiose yet humble. A total fill of things and ideas you love. But don't confuse yourself with mixing of this and mixing of that, it's a little above the thin line which we call as mess. The thing about eclectic design is it provides a common ground for each of your items to gel. It speaks of your confidence and appeal, while still adhering to your fundamentals. The important thing is being able to decide what you can put and what not. For instance, decide a wall for your eclectic artwork like the famous painting of NY's skyline or London's Piccadilly Square and then play with some lights, experiment with rugs and other accessories. Make a mental picture and study it, if fits well, its good, else you may try a new style. More suited for an urban and modern setting.

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