Test # its/it\'s

The government has lost ________ way.

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    Anna Caroline Maxwell

    Founder of the Army Nurse Corps (1851 to 1929) Known as the American Florence Nightingale, Anna Caroline Maxwell bravely cared for wounded men, improved sanitary conditions of military hospitals, and trained nurses for care during the Spanish American War. Her intelligence and experience from years in the nursing profession equipped Maxwell for the enormous task during this chaotic time. Anna Maxwell started off at the Training School of the Boston City Hospital in 1876. Five years later, she assumed leadership of the Boston Training School for Nurses, and in 1889 shared her knowledge to the students at St. Lukes Hospital. Maxwells academic success reached the New York City, when she developed a nursing program for the areas Presbyterian Hospital. She remained 30 years with the school, presiding over its partnership with Teachers College, which is now known as the Columbia University. There, she was able to develop 5 year nursing diploma as well as a Bachelor of Science Degree.

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