Test # its/it\'s

Which means 'it is'?

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    Adapt to the computer

    Like the GRE, the GMAT is a computer adaptive test, meaning that the test is performed entirely on a computer and the questions posed to you changed based on your answers to the previous questions. The better you perform, the harder the questions get. With every correct response, the lowest possible score you can receive increases. Oftentimes, there are also cameras placed on you to ensure that you re not cheating, and there s a timer in front of you, reminding you of how long you have before the section is complete. These factors can make taking the GMAT a harrowing experience, especially the first time. The computer adaptive test is very intimidating, says Ryan Johnston, who scored 700 on the test and will be attending the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business in the fall. They ve got cameras all over you. They re watching to make sure you re not cheating or even chewing gum. You re sitting there looking at the computer screen, and it s very high pressure, very difficult to keep your head focused.

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