Test # lose/miss

We ________ the turning and drove straight on for miles.

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  • Emperor Ashoka

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    Ashokas military power was strong, but after his conversion to Buddhism, he maintained friendly relations with three major Tamil kingdoms in the South namely Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas, the post Alexandrian empire, Tamraparni, and Suvarnabhumi. His edicts state that he made provisions for medical treatment of humans and animals in his own kingdom as well as in these neighbouring states. He also had wells dug and trees planted along the roads for the benefit of the common people.Ashoka banned the slaughter and eating of the common cattle, and also imposed restrictions on fishing and fish-eating.He also abolished the royal hunting of animals and restricted the slaying of animals for food in the royal residence.[36] Because he banned hunting, created many veterinary clinics and eliminated meat eating on many holidays, the Mauryan Empire under Ashoka has been described as one of the very few instances in world history of a government treating its animals as citizens who are as deserving of its protection as the human residents.

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