Test # make/do

I haven't ________ my homework.

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    Dinosaur Park Rapid City

    Jurassic Park this is not. Though they mirror the size of the creatures that once roamed earth, the concrete and iron figurines at this 75 year old outdoor park look more like Gumby than an awe inspiring Tyrannosaurus rex a projection of the 1930s understanding of these near mythical monsters. But while they lack lifelike leathery scales, the reptiles of Rapid City, S.D., dont fail to impress. Its a testament to the dinosaurs ability to hold up into the era of Michael Crichton and beyond that the hillside sculpture park is as popular an attraction as the nearby Mount Rushmore it was built to accompany. The park is also part of a national history of government sponsored edifices Dinosaur Park was created by the Great Depression era Works Progress Administration in 1936.

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