Test # many/many of

How _________ you were there?

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    Get down tonight keep radar up

    Know your own limits when it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages and know that just the way food calories still count, your tolerance for them does not magically go up just because you are on vacation. When traveling solo, go out in groups when heading into unfamiliar territory, but resist going along with the crowd if you feel your just say no radar go up. Your group of new BFFs may all be lovely people, but possess the common sense of the Lohan family.Statistically, grandma was right rarely do good things happen after midnight. Most robberies and muggings take place after midnight between 3am and dawn. Tempted to wander empty streets looking for an ATM or catch a ride with someone you just observed as likely being drunk? Do not do it. Just because something feels safe in the moment does not mean it is.

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