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The soldiers ________ the checkpoint.

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  • Expert Tips on Integrating Mobile and Cloud Strategies

    Manage poor connectivity to the cloud

    Most mobile/cloud developers build mobile apps assuming that the mobile device has a good connection to the Internet all of the time. They make the assumption that the connection will always be there and that users have unlimited bandwidth. They apply the same basic approach they do to building traditional web applications, said Lee Cottle (@Cottletalk), director, VP global head of sales, Push Technology. That s a flawed approach to development. Mobile apps work best with small, timely packets of data that are designed and encoded in the minimum amount of protocol, continued Cottle. Unfortunately for mobile/cloud developers, the Internet was designed for file transfers, not data. Likewise, almost all backend systems were not designed to support large volumes of small data requests, which can, in turn, have an adverse effect on the backend performance. So, cloud providers need to think mobile first.

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