Test # only/lonely/alone

I felt ________ when I moved to London becuase I had few friends there.

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  • Stylish Hair

    Side Curl Bun

    Hair type: Medium or long straight and smooth hair

    Rubber band, Hair Spray, Shine serum, bobby pins, Fine toothed comb, broad ironing rod

    a. Take a broad ironing rod and curl a section of the front hair forward and then clip it there.
    b. Take the rest of the hair; pull them all on the side to make a low pony tail under your ear. Fasten with a rubber band.
    c. Use the curling iron to curl the ponytail upwards
    d. Use a spray on the curled ponytail and roll it upwards to secure it under the ear with bobby pins.
    e. Now unclip the front hair, comb with a fine toothed comb and secure them over the upward curl with bobby pins.
    f. Loosen out a few strands from the front to form a wave and finish with a hair spray.

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