Test # only/lonely/alone

Since I split up with my partner, I have lived ________

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  • Most Beautiful Christian College and University Campuses in the World

    LeTourneau University Longview Texas

    LeTourneau University s 162 acre main campus is nestled on the site of a disused World War II era military hospital in Longview, Texas. It still retains the hospital s picturesque, white walled Speer Chapel, which originally opened in 1943 and boasts wooden sash windows together with an eye catching steeple overlooking its gabled roof. Another striking feature on the grounds of the interdenominational school is the Jeannette S. Belcher Memorial Bell Tower. Completed in 1990, this centerpiece houses the college s carillon and lies amid the beautiful lawns and walkways of the university mall. Although it was set up in 1946 as the LeTourneau Technical Institute, the school earned university status in 1989 and currently offers upwards of 80 graduate and undergraduate programs.

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