Test # pay/pay for

I paid the cheque ________ my account.

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    Though the term canoeing is generally used to refer both canoeing and kayaking, there is a difference between these two adventure activities and the way these watercrafts are made. Usually, a canoe is a closed cockpit boat where the lower portion of the operator remains concealed inside the front. On the other hand, a canoe is an open boat. The Ganga gorge and the formation of the thrilling white water make Rishikesh a perfect destination to indulge in the adventure sport of canoeing. Whether you are traveling alone or with family, canoeing in Rishikesh is a wonderful opportunity to soak up the natural beauty of this Himalayan town. Besides white water rafting, which the most popular adventure in Rishikesh, there are a host of other adventure activities that you can enjoy during your holidays in Rishikesh. Families can always choose to indulge in recreational canoeing that introduces them to the eye catching beauty and the nature rich environment of the town. The adventure of canoeing translates to travel which does not disturb the wilderness of a place. At the same time, the recreational activity lets you reach remote untouched areas for exploration. Canoes come in different shapes and sizes. In terms of seating capacity, canoes can be classified into single kneeling canoe (C 1), double kneeling canoe (C 2) and four person kneeling canoe (C 4).

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