Test # play/go/do

You ________ golf.

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    Build A Snowman

    Everyone, every year, hopes for it to be a white Christmas and for amny it is, but for many like myself it is often more rainy than snowy. This year is no exception and with the weather forecast supposedly likely that it is going to snow, the chances are it will not do so. If however it does decide to snow then I can assure you that every man, woman, child and family pet will be outside making snow angles, having snowball fights and of course making a giant snowman. This tradition of making a man from snow has been around for centuries and still keeps us happy today, even as adults, whilst were outside in the snow. Its something that everyone should at least do once in their lifetime, if youve never made a snowman, or had a snowball fight then you have not lived. There really is nothing quite like it, and the snowman will usually last a good couple of days if not weeks, depending on the weather. If it snows this Christmas, Im betting you will be out there too, you know you will, were all just tall kids really.

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