Test # rob/steal

My car was ________; they took the CD player.

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    Capsicum annuum var. annuum
    Chili pepper, sweet pepper, bell pepper.

    Key Uses:
  • Infections that tend to cause discharges
  • Low vitality, perhaps in the elderly or those debilitated by alcoholism or prostate conditions
  • Raw, burning throat
  • Homesickness

    Origin : Native to tropical America, and cultivated throughout Africa and India.

    Background : The dried pods have long been used both as a hot spice in cooking, and as a stimulant and irritant in herbalism. The indigenous tribes of tropical America also used it as a local painkiller.

    Preparation : The dried pods are steeped in alcohol, then diluted and succussed.

    Remedy Profile : Capsicum is best suited to those who are “peppery,” discontented, and rather pessimistic. Homesickness or nostalgia often prevents them from fully engaging in their daily lives.
    The classic symptom picture for this remedy is of low vitality, perhaps in the elderly or those debilitated by alcoholism or prostate conditions. Weakness is usually accompanied by slow healing processes, infections that tend to suppurate, and great sensitivity to drafts. Further typical symptoms include a raw, red, burning throat that smarts, as if from eating the pepper itself.

    Symptoms Better : For heat; for continued movement; for eating.

    Symptoms Worse : For cold air; for the least draft; for uncovering the affected area; for drinking or bathing in cold water.

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