Test # since/for

I haven't seen them ________ last week

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    Palms Las Vegas

    This hotel is internationally famous for what it has to offer to its guests. The accommodations of the greatest quality, the access to extravagant and amazing pools, fabulous cuisine, and a rich nightlife is what make Palms the high end hotel that it is. If you came to Las Vegas to feel the excitement, you will find it here, as the staff is working on making this place as vibrant and high in energy as possible.The property of the hotel takes up around 30 acres, where there are 3 different unique towers, and you will experience different amazing views from of the Las Vegas Strip and Spring Mountains. Recently, the hotel has been transformed, and millions of dollars were invested in order to make this hotel as fantastic as it is now. The rooms are redesigned and made more classy and luxurious, the culinary chefs are more professional and the food is better, and not to mention the casinos where all the fun is. This hotel also has a fitness and massage center where you can go get your heart pumping or relax after a day spent having fun in the casino. What brings to the fame of this hotel is that it is the place where playboy bunnies stay when they come to Vegas. The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in the Fantasy Tower is reserved specifically for Hugh and his girls, but it keeps attracting many guests from all around the world.

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