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Nobody has been so close to breaking the record ________ 1983

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    Johnnie Moyes

    The closest Johnnie Moyes ever came to playing a test match for Australia was in 1914, when he was picked for the tour to South Africa: then war came and the tour got cancelled. After a brief service in the war that brought him a military cross, Johnnie Moyes started as an editor of a leading newspaper in Sydney. It was in 1950 that Johnnie Moyes embarked on a career that was to bring him fame and money. He joined ABC as a commentator in that year.

    Johnnie Moyes splashed his commentary with the brightness of his exuberance and painted a picture so vivid for his listeners. Apart from cricket commentary, writing remained a passion for Johnnie Moyes. He has written on many Australian Cricketers and also a comprehensive history of Australian Cricket. Johnnie Moyes received MBE for his service to cricket. He died on 18th January 1963 at the age of 70. Cricketscorelive.com offers information on Johnnie Moyes and other famous cricket commentators.

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