Test # so/such

Nobody thought that he would be ________ a good president

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  • Top Cricket Commentators

    E W Swanton

    E.W. Swanton was born of a stockbroker in Forest Hill, London on 11 February 1907. For 30 years E.W. Swantons fruity voice brought alive the images of cricket matches on BBC radio; he remained a sports journalist for The Daily Telegraph for as many years. E.W. Swanton was an integral part of BBCs Test Match Special.

    E.W. Swanton brief cricketing career with Middlesex ended with 3 matches. A string of dismal batting performances caused a irrevocable rupture on his career, but his love for the game survived, cocooned safely inside his heart. After the Second World War, during which he served in the Bedfordshire Yeomanry, E.W. Swanton chose to be a cricket correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. Known to be a prolific writer, E.W. Swanton is credited to have authored over 20 books. In 1965, E.W. Swanton was awarded the OBE and almost thirty years later in 1994, he got the CBE. E.W. Swanton died on 22 January 2000. Cricketscorelive.com offers information on E.W. Swanton and other famous cricket commentators.

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