Test # some/any/no

I'll have to get my TV fixed as I've been having ________ problems with it

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  • Healthy Smiley Face

    Make your smile genuine

    While it is perfectly possible to crack a smile when you feel terrible, angry, annoyed, or youre up to something nefarious, smiling under these circumstances will make people wary of you. A genuine smile is much harder to fake. A genuine smile is detectable by others because it is accompanied by a general glow, smiling eyes where the outer corners crinkle and the lower lid tightens, and a reassuring demeanor that helps the viewer to feel more at ease in your presence. Heres how to smile more genuinely Dont smile when you just arent feeling it. It will give others the impression that you cant be trusted. Its ok not to smile all day long. Remember how it feels when you do crack a genuine smile. Try to regain that feeling each time you smile.

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