Test # speak/talk

We ________ things over and everything's OK between us now.

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    Evangel University Springfield Missouri

    The original Pentecostal liberal arts school in the country, Evangel University began life in 1955 on the site of a former army hospital in Springfield, Missouri. Since then, the Assemblies of God affiliated institution has built up an exceptionally pretty campus on its 80 acre property. Conceived by Missouri s Sapp Design Associates Architects and dedicated in 2009, the eye catching Ralph M. Riggs Administration Building succeeded the final remains of the hospital and serves as the face of the campus. Elsewhere, the 50th anniversary clock tower, completed in 2005, is another attractive feature overlooking the university s lawns. Evangel runs over 100 liberal arts and science programs across ten academic departments for some 2,490 students. What s more, these students are never far from gorgeous lakes and the Ozarks.

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