Test # will/going to

That's the phone- I ________ answer it.

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    The Plant

    But you dont just stop, you plant. Feet spread a bit, you squat quickly, then use those powerful quads to shoot you and the caber up off the ground and give the long spoke of wheel the push it needs to make a revolution or turn. If it falls back toward you it is a 6 oclock and it makes a funny, hollow whomping, or even a doinnnkk! sound which is somehow different from what you hear when it falls in the other direction - a full 270 degree turn or 12 oclock . or maybe its the roar of the crowd that drowns out the sound then.

    Oh, one last word: after a successful toss, stand still. The judge - who has been following your possibly erratic course - needs to estimate the clock angle of the fall, from where you planted. If you do some sort pro football fancy turn, hoping for more applause from the spectators, you might lose your advantage. Note the position of the athlete in the picture below, On the ground and falling. He is standing perfectly still.or is he praying?

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