in the picture
knowing something, having information about something
I am not in the picture about my friend's wedding plans.
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    How To Make Your Eyes Pop

    For eyes that look bigger, brighter and more colorful, you dont need any complicated makeup tricks just pick the right eyeshadow shade.Its a basic color theory opposite shades on the color wheel make each other look more intense and vibrant. This means that you should pick an eye shadow shade that is directly opposite your eye color on a traditional color wheel. Follow this guide to discover your most flattering eye shadow shade:If you have green eyes, try out purple eye shadow shades such as lavender, violet, or amethyst. Keep the color sheer so it wont look garish. For eyeliner, a deep plum is perfect.If you have blue eyes, go for a warm copper, burnished gold, or rich brown eye shadow. Chocolate is an excellent shade choice for eyeliner.If you have brown eyes, opt for cool blue or green eye shadow tones like mint, powder blue, or teal. A deep forest green is an ideal eyeliner shade.

    Do you ever have those sad days when you feel like nothing is coming together? Like, everything you do is pointless and meaningless? When you doubt your tiniest decisions and feel like you could have chosen better? When you just feel angry at God and blame him for not making things easier? We all have those days, being humans, its unavoidable. We name them as bad days and put up with them and keep going through with it, not because we have no choice, but because in our hearts of hearts, we know that the bad day is going to come to an end, bringing night and calm with it and hoping that the next day is a better one. But when you are having those bad days you can do things to make yourself feel a tiny bit better. Like wear a bright eyeliner and do something different with your looks. I believe, if you are an artist, you can use your face as a canvas and paint something beautiful.Something that can make you feel different.
    Start with a plain clean eye, wipe away all traces of your kajal. Prep and prime(optional) it for whats coming.
    Take your favorite blue eyeshadow/ liner, and line 1/4th of your lower lash line. Do not line you waterline, save it for later to use your black kajal. Here I am using Maybelline color tattoo in Tenacious teal(who came up with that name? its so glamorous), its a beautiful blue color and its paraben free.
    Now take your favorite teal eyeshadow/liner and line your lower lash line, starting from the point where the blue liner stops till the inner corner of your eye. when you are done with this step, 3/4th of your lower lash line should be lined while the inner corner should be free of any color. Here I am using Maybelline Eye Studio Vivid and Smooth Liner in the color Ocean Blue.
    Now take your favorite silver or champagne eyeshadow/liner and line the inner corners of your eye, starting from the point where your teal line ends dragging it all the way up to the inner corner of your upper lash line. This will draw light to your eye and make it look brighter. Here I am using the champagne color from Revlon photoready sculpting blush pallet.
    Now Take your teal color and line your upper lash line from the point where the silver liner ends to 3/4th of your lash line. Then, finish up lining the upper lash line by using the blue color and lining it from the point where the teal ends to the outer corner of your eye. I am basically repeating what I did to my lower lash line in the reverse order.
    Now take your favorite black pencil liner and line your lower water line starting from the outer corner and lining all the way till the inner corner. I believe any eye look is in complete without black. It just adds life to your eye.
    Now use the black liner to line your upper waterline under the lashes. We Dont want to use black liner on the lash line because it will spoil the look. So I am only lining my waterline.
    Finish up using your favorite black mascare. Here, I am using Maybelline falsies.
    And voila, you will instantly feel brighter and a little more cheerful when you are done with this look. I personally do not like to use eye shadows on my lids because it makes me look a little too over done. I like to keep my makeup light and relateable. But, if you like shadows on your lids, then try it.

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