kangaroo court
an illegal court formed by a group of people to settle a dispute among themselves
There was a kangaroo court in movie after the ranchers arrested the criminal.
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  • The Best Luxury Cars

    Rolls Royce Ghost

    November 7, 2014: Ultra luxury carmaker Rolls Royce today launched its Ghost Series II in India at a starting price of INR 4.5 Crore. The car will be retailed through company s five dealership across the country. The car gets subtle changes to the exterior and interior and a few additions to the options list. The most prominent change is the rectangular LED headlamps which replaces the current round unit.Powering the vehicle is the same 6.6 litre V12 mill, rated t 563bhp and 780Nm. The engine is coupled to an eight speed automatic transmission, enabling it to hit a top whack of 250km/h (electronically limited) and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds.

    The Iconic British luxury car maker Rolls Royce has silently launched the Ghost Series II in the Indian automobile market. It has received a slew of updates in terms of styling and features, which gives a brand new experience to the customers. To start with the exteriors, this model gets a refined headlight cluster with powerful LED daytime running lights, re sculptured bumpers and a brand new bonnet featuring the company s Spirit of Ecstasy, which gives it a dynamic stance to the front facade. The automaker has also updated the design of alloy wheels, which further adds to its elegance. Furthermore, this model series is also made available with new exterior paint options for the buyers to choose from. As far as its interiors are concerned, it gets updated front seats with revoked electrical adjustment function while the rear seats have been re angled. In addition to this, its instrument cluster has been slightly tweaked with trendy new dials, which gives a luxuriant finish to the cabin. The manufacturer has also added some new features to its optional package, which further helps the buyers to personalize its interiors and features. Customers are now provided with an option of extending natural grain leather upholstery for the A and B pillars of insides. At present, this model series is available in two variants for the buyers to choose from. Both the trims are equipped with the same 6592cc petrol engine that is capable of producing an immense power of 563bhp along with a hammering torque output of 780Nm, which is rather impressive. However, the top end variant is built with a wheelbase of 3465mm, which is perhaps the longest in its segment.

    Both the variants in this series bestowed with same set of comfort and safety features along with several options, which allows the buyers to personalize this vehicle as per their requirements. It has a compelling body structure with several trademark including a chrome plated radiator grille, V shaped bonnet, taillight cluster and boot lid. Individuals can also opt for special matt silver finish to its bonnet and to the windscreen surround, which provides a contrasting look to its front facade. It also has an attractive interior design that can be personalized with a desired color scheme and leather upholstery. The most attractive aspect of its interiors is its dashboard, which is decorated with extensive wood inserts. The car maker is now offering this model series with an option to choose between eleven different wood inserts, which includes two new veneers like Paldao and Walnut Burr. On the other hand, it is also available with a few improved features like suspension system and lighting pattern. However, the main highlight of this Ghost Series II is the satellite aided transmission system that utilizes the mapping data and GPS to ensure that this saloon is always in correct gear. This vehicle is currently placed in the ultra luxury saloon segment of India, where it will compete with the likes of Bentley Mulsanne and Bentley Continental.

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