Prepositions - Across

  • Across indicates the direction of movement from one side of an area to the other.

    Pattern: motion verb + across + noun The girl ran across the yard.
    Verbs often used before across:
    crawl, drive, go, limp, move, ride, run, swim, walk

  • Across can mean on the other side of a place.
    Pattern: verb + across + noun
    My friend lives across the street.

  • Across from means opposite or facing.

    Pattern 1: verb + across from + noun
    My assistant's office is across from mine. My secretary sits across from me.

    Pattern 2: verb + across + noun + from + noun
    My assistant's office is across the hall from mine.

  • Across and all across mean in every area of. People across the world are using the Internet. There is a heat wave all across the country.
    across the board—including everyone or everything
    Everyone got a raise in salary: there was a wage increase of three percent across the board.

  • Phrasal verbs
    come across (nonseparable)—find something unexpectedly I came across this old picture of you when I was looking for some documents.
    come across (intransitive)—be received by an audience The banquet speaker was not sure how well he came across.
    run across (nonseparable)—to find something unexpectedly I ran across a letter you wrote to me when we were children.
    get (something) across to (separable)—make something understood
    The young girl tried to get it across to her boyfriend that she was not ready to get married.
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    Indian hogweed (E), Gadhapurana (H):

    Punarnava means 'one that renews the old body'. Its rejuvenative action works via its opening and cleansing activity allowing effective nourishment to reach the tissues. It is a superb diuretic and it benefits the heart.

    Heart Fluid congestion, cardiac oedema, general oedema from heart function deficiency. Laboured breathing from the resultant congestion in the chest is eased. By clearing the excess of avalambaka and kledhaka kapha from the chest and stomach it clears the channels of obstructions. It is especially beneficial for allowing rasa and rakta, the circulatory fluids, to flow unimpeded. Hence punarnava is a rejuvenative and increases ojas. Kidneys Any symptoms of nephritis or impaired urinary function. It is used in bladder infections and systemic oedema. A superb herb for reducing excess fluids, swelling, oedema and congestion from excess kapha. Specifically useful in ascites, congestive heart conditions and arthritic swellings with pitting and coldness. Digestion It increases the digestive fire and is useful in a sluggish digestive system. It absorbs fluids from the digestive system and can be constipating. It prevents intestinal spasms and pain helping to treat flatulence, bloating and worms. Also traditionally used for treating the kapha-type of anaemia where kapha obstructs the raktadhatvagni resulting in low quality and quantity of blood. Diabetes Punarnava's ability to reduce medas dhatu and normalise mutravahasrotas is utilised in the treatment of diabetes. Arthritis Punarnava can effectively treat swollen joints with fluid retention with pitting from a kapha imbalance by moving toxic accumulations out of the joints and tissues and excreting them via the kidneys and urine. Beneficial in gout and arthritis. Gynaecology As it helps to prevent the breakdown of the blood-clotting protein fibrin, it can be used in menorrhagia and excessive menstrual bleeding. The punarnavoside is considered to be the antifibrinolytic agent .

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