Test # 112

So did you give the book to ________ ?

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  • Benefits of Pineapple

    Calories In Pineapple Juice

    When it comes to the consumption of this juice most people are worried about the calories in pineapple juice. Since pineapple juice has very little fat, the pineapple juice calorie count is only about 48 kcal of fat per 100g of pineapple. Therefore, one can drink almost 200 to 250 ml of this raw pineapple juice on a daily basis without any worry. The homemade pineapple juice calorie content will depend upon the methods you use for preparation. It is best to drink the juice in its natural form rather than adding sugar and other preservatives. This juice when drunk by itself is also found to be beneficial for those who are suffering from heart conditions.

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