Test # 15

I had the washing machine fitted by a ________ plumber but he was unable to make the thing work.

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    Control Who Sees What

    Facebook lets each user control who can see their personal information and each bit of content they post to the network. There are global settings that every user should tweak for their personal privacy comfort level when they first start using Facebook.There are also individual controls through the audience selector button below the publishing box, for example that you can apply to change the viewing permission for posts on a case by case basis.You might want to let only your closest friends see some of your wilder or ridiculous activities, for example, while keeping those hidden from your work colleagues or dear old Mom.Our Facebook privacy settings tutorial explains how to set your general privacy options on the network, and how to set privacy on a case by case basis too. For the short version, this article explains three quick steps you can take to make your Facebook private.

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