Test # 21

Why didn't you ________ up for work yesterday?

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    Rights and responsibilities of the players


    Players must know the Official Beach Volleyball Rules and abide by them.Players must accept the Referees decisions with respect, without disputing them. In the case of doubt, clarification may be requested by the team captain.Players must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of fair play, not only towards the Referee, but also towards other officials, the opponent, teammates and spectators.Players must refrain from actions or attitudes aimed at influencing the decisions of the Referee or covering up faults committed by their team.Players must refrain from actions aimed at delaying the match.Communication between team members during the match is permitted.


    Prior to the match, the team captain will represent their team at the toss.During the match, only the team captain is authorised to speak to the Referee while the ball is out of play: to ask for an explanation of the application or interpretation of the rules, to ask authorisation: to change uniforms or equipment, to verify the serving player, to check the net, the ball etc, to realign court lines out of alignment, to request time outs.The team captain is responsible for the conduct of all team players.At the conclusion of the match, the team captain will sign the scoresheet.

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