Test # 32

I heard of a new company today with which we should co-operate and ________ business with.

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    Give Frostbite the Cold Shoulder

    Despite the cutesy name, frostbite is serious business The water in our bodies literally freezes, Dr. Benjamin says. The most common physical symptom is a blister, but by that time its too late to prevent damage. Tell your child that if she notices any pain, decreased sensation, tingling, or numbness, she should head inside immediately, where you should run warm but not hot water over the affected body part. As for frostbite prevention, Dr. Benjamin uses the acronym C.O.L.D.
    C Cover hotspots with a hat and gloves or mittens to preserve heat.
    O Avoid overexertion. Bring kids in for periodic breaks.
    L Layers. Think loose fitting, lightweight, and water repellent.
    D Stay dry. If kids are sweating profusely or get snow in their shoes or boots, change them into dry clothes, socks, and foot gear immediately.

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