Test # 45

May I ask you whether you have had a chance to ________ my case?

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    Nutmeg (E), Jaiphal (H):

    Jatiphala means 'caste fruit' and Mada-s´aun.d. a means 'intoxicating fruit'. Its aromatic quality gives nutmeg its wonderful sedative properties that deeply relax the whole nervous system. It also has potent aphrodisiac qualities.

    Nerves Insomnia, agitated mind and lack of concentration. When there is excitation and high vata in the mind it draws the expansive nature of vata inwards. Its heavy nature can 'dull' the mind; therefore use for short periods of time at a low dose. Use 1?8 teaspoon in warm milk (almond or cow) before bed to aid sleep and stops restless leg syndrome. Useful for transient insomnia where the sleep is interrupted. Also helps to relax the muscles and prevent pain associated with angina, fibromyalgia and arthritis. Digestion Nutmeg helps absorption in the small intestine and purisavahasrotas. Its astringency draws nutrients into the bloodstream. It can help to stop diarrhoea and dysentery with excess vata and kapha. It calms intestinal spasms, pain, gas and bloating. It is a useful anthelmintic. Reproduction Used in male infertility and premature ejaculation. Another 'clever' herb with dual action, it both stimulates erectile function and astringes ejaculation. It is one of the primary aphrodisiacs used to tonify s´ukra dhatu. It also reduces excessive urination from high vata and kapha and is used in prostatic disease and incontinence. Also useful in female infertility when there is disruption of the menstrual cycle with pain. Lungs Its hot and penetrating properties can help to clear excess avalambaka kapha from the lungs.

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