Test # 51

I'm sorry but I can't ________ your opinion on that.

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    Corn silk is a valuable remedy whether by itself or as an adjunct to other herbs to treat afflictions of the genito urinary system. In particular it soothes the stinging pain of cystitis, can help to flash out gravel and small stones, relieves fluid retention and reduces the frequent urge to urinate in conditions such as prostatitis. By virtue of its diuretic effect it can also lower blood pressure. Native Americans have used it to treat infertility and menstrual pain. Externally the fresh silk has also been used to cleanse wounds. It may be a helpful addition to a blood cleansing herb mix. For bacterial bladder infections it is best used in conjunction with antiseptic herbs, such as Uva Ursi or Boldo leaves. Cornsilk also seems to have an indirect effect on the liver as it increases bile flow. This may also explain the native traditional use for this herb in the treatment of gallbladder stones. Increased bile flow also indirectly improves digestion and absorption of nutrients in the intestines.

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