Test # 58

She was going to discuss the matter ________ with her colleagues or her family.

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    Seated Lower Trunk Lateral Flexor Stretch

    Lower-Trunk Stretches:

    Sit upright in a chair. Interlock the hands behind the head, with the elbows in a straight line across the shoulders. While keeping both elbows back and in a straight line, laterally flex the waist, and move the right elbow toward the right hip.

    Affected Body Part:
    Most-stretched muscles: Left external oblique, left internal oblique, left rotatores.
    Lesser-stretched muscles: Left intertransversarii, left multifidus, left quadratus lumborum.

    Flexing or extending at the waist will reduce this stretch’s effectiveness. Also, keep the buttocks and thighs in complete contact with the chair. The closer the elbow gets to the floor, the harder it will be to remain seated in the chair. Wrapping the lower legs and feet around the chair legs will help in keeping the buttocks and thighs in contact with the seat.

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