Test # 66

Yesterday I ________ to an archeological site because I want to be an archeologist.

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    Minimum Age

    Eleven year olds and over can play paintball, however we generally advise 13 years and over because of the following A group of paintball players ready to start Most games are open sessions meaning several groups are mixed together. Groups tend to come from a variety of backgrounds such as stag groups, sports clubs, hen dos, birthday parties and groups of friends. If your group of 11 year olds is mixed with a group of 30 year old rugby players they may feel a bit intimidated. If you think your young ones will cope, then great they will be welcome to come along. If they are on the delicate side or may be offended by a bit of colourful language it may be better to wait a few years or come along on a Young Guns Day.

    The gun is a heavy bit of kit (gun, gas bottle and hopper filled with paint pellets). Smaller children can find it difficult to carry, aim and shoot, let alone run. The pellets are fired at around 200 miles per hour. When you are hit by a pellet it can be painful, especially when shot at close range. Older children tend to be able to cope with being shot, younger slighter children can find it unpleasantly painful. The pellets may also leave a bruise that can last for a couple of weeks.Any player who is over 11 years and less than 16 years will need to bring along a letter of consent (download) from their parents to say that they have permission to play Paintball.. Alternatively if a parent drops their child off they can counter-sign the player sign-in sheet to acknowledge they have given permission.

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