Test # 73

Lightning never strikes in the same place ________ .

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    Use the Textbook

    Professors assign textbooks for a reason and its not to make you broke; its to supplement the lectures and discussions from class. Do buy all the textbooks and follow these tips for using it.Read all assigned material. Sounds obvious, right? When a professor assigns a chapter, read the whole thing (unless told otherwise), including the opening vignettes, the case studies, and tables and exhibits.Know whats critical. At the same time, know what parts of the text are most critical. For example, in one of my classes, the vocabulary is most critical, and the textbook emphasizes the point by having all the terms and their definitions printed in the margins of every chapter.Use outlining system to help comprehend material. Reading and highlighting the material in the text is just the minimum. To get the most of what youre reading, you should also take notes and outline the material.

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