Driving Theory Test 71

Driving Theory Test – Theory Test Questions Bank.

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1. You are driving at night on an unlit road behind another vehicle. You should


2. You can use the engine of your vehicle as a brake by


3. When can you drive in a bike lane?


4. The vehicle you are driving pulls to one side when you brake. What is the most likely cause of the problem?


5. You are driving towards this level crossing. What would be the first warning of an approaching train?


6. You are driving down a long steep hill. You suddenly notice that your brakes are not working as well as normal. What is the usual cause of this?


7. To avoid confusing other drivers you should:


8. You are waiting to come out of a side road. Why should you watch carefully for motorcycles?


9. You are about to go down a steep hill, to control your speed you should


10. You may remove your seatbelt when carrying out a manoeuvre that involves


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