General Elementary English Test 142

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. ________ to this map I should be near the church. Is it near?


2. Can you help please because I’ve lost my way and ________ to get to the shops before closing time?


3. Is this ________ for the railway station?


4. Am I going in the right ________ for the post office?


5. Could you tell me please how ________ I am from the town centre?


6. Could you please ________ me in the direction of the motorway?


7. I took the wrong ________ at the last road junction, can you tell me how I get back on the motorway?


8. Can you tell me please how I ________ to the cinema from here?


9. I’m ________ for the town hall am I anywhere near?


10. I’m making for the M25 motorway is this road the most ________ route?


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