General Elementary English Test 7

General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

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1. He left me alone for an hour to follow his method and asked me to call him if I ________ any difficulties.


2. He was always criticising teachers for not teaching children to write ________ .


3. He described the ________ very carefully.


4. Sometimes you found some ________ handwriting and didn’t know where the letter should go.


5. The first thing was to be ________ since you started at a time when most people were asleep.


6. The next ________ was to draw some cold water, fill the kettle and make a cup of tea.


7. These letters should be put to one side and old Charlie, the handwriting ________ would look through them later.


8. As he had been very busy in his house since two that morning ________ of a burst water pipe, he went to have a rest.


9. Immediately you arrived you had to start sorting the mail into different pigeon ________ .


10. Ted was always calm and optimistic. He never let himself get ________ by the job.


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